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who says that ice cream is bad for you!? dubbed as the world’s healthiest frozen treat, it looks and taste like ice cream but so much better for you! it’s 100% vegan & raw, contains no soy, rice or gluten, no trans-fat, no cholesterol & no preservatives. plus, it’s high in anti-oxidants & it’s all natural…just look at the ingredients: filtered water, raw almonds, raw cashews, raw fruit, low glycemic agave nectar & crystal salt.  it truly is the perfect treat for all you crossfit athletes, paleo dieters or if you have an intolerance to gluten!  the best part about this is that your buying & supporting a local business since its made in our own backyards in mableton, ga.  they have four unique flavors and i’m currently tasting the chocolate nibs & its delicious…its like a liquid chocolate almond!  you can buy this product at your nearest health food store, like whole foods or you can order online via their website at

***Snitchtip – upload a video testimonial of your ice supreme experience & get 4 pints free!  where did i put my flip camcorder!?



  1. You know I appreciate anything gluten free that you post! I’m running out to buy some tonight 🙂

    • it’s so delicious…i almost ate the entire pint without knowing it! definitely let me know if you try something else besides the chocolate almond!

  2. mmmmm

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